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Rock On!

This has been a week to beat the band. My productivity has been off the chain! This is my second blog post this week. I also posted two new Passing Thoughts to my Thought Train, The Power Of Conjuration and The Crazy Little Thing Called Sentience. Whether you're a gamer, reader, writer, or lover of fantasy, you should find those posts of interest. 

I also posted some new material on my Patreon Creator Page, which is developing quite nicely. If you're interested in checking it out, click the Contact/Patron Info button on the home page of this website. Then, scroll down to "Become A Patron," click the Patreon "P" symbol/button, and be transported into another aspect of my brand of dark fantasy. Becoming a Patron of mine has rewards beyond reading my stories and posts on this website and Twitter. If you want more of what I have to offer, be sure to check out my Patreon Creator Page!

My wife is a crafty sort and a woman of many talents. Not only does she paint the covers of my dark tales, she devises the coolest art projects. For our thirty-first wedding anniversary, she made me a decorative jar of purple lights. Now, my porch has a purple glow. How cool is that, writing by purple light! 

I've always been a fan of purple. The walls of our hobby shop, The Hobby Stop, were painted different shades of purple. Thanks for adding to the memories, Dear! 

The summer is just about over, and if you ask me, not a wit too soon. I'm not a fan of sunshine or heat, which only worsens the pain of my degenerative spinal condition. Fall is almost upon us and then winter, my favorite season. At least in regards to my chronic pain, against the tide of common thinking on the subject, it doesn't hurt worse in the cold. Cold has a numbing affect on my pain.  

I love everything about winter; the snow, lack of sunshine, and especially the holiday that kicks winter off with a bang, Christmas. I begin my preparations for that holiday of holidays in late October. You can never have too much Christmas! I'm in the process of writing a Christmas fantasy story. Its working title is "That Spirit Of Christmas." It won't be finished until sometime next year. So far, I like the tempo of the story and the way it is coming out. In the coming months, my Patrons will get to read snippets of the tale as I post completed chapters for them to peruse.  

There is so much to be enthusiastic about. The engines of my thought trains are firing on all cylinders, and things are progressing much faster than planned. In the weeks and months to come, my Fans, Followers, and Patrons will have a cornucopia of dark fantasy to sink their teeth into. For now, all I have to say is, "ROCK ON!" to the long, cool woman in a black dress.  

A Productive Atmosphere.

With another night almost in the bag, it's time to make another post. This past night was a good one. The constant rain caused my cigar smoke to hang longer than usual which created an atmosphere conducive to productivity. Much was accomplished last night!

Rain, darkness, billows of smoke, and grinding tunes get my mojo working. Those things set the proper tone for creating my dark stories. I'm not sure why that's the case. I just know when those things collide, unloading my thought trains is much easier. 

This past weekend's festivities went well. Gaming was cool, and my wife was happily surprised by the party and "Who Done It" table game at the restaurant. She thought it was the perfect anniversary party. It blindsided my wife and buds. Everyone had a good time. My son-in-law was in awe the party surprised anyone because I wrote about it on this blog. He concluded nobody who actually knows me, other than himself, reads my blog entries, and only hundreds of strangers and fans come to this website every day to read my ramblings. In any event, my batteries are recharged!

I know this entry is shorter than normal, but that's all I have to say for now. I have a few matters to tend to before turning in for a long day's nap. Until next time, don't let The Sun catch you smiling because that will only encourage the hot-headed tyrant to oppress us all the more. 

The Crescent Moon Smiles On Me.

Another day done, and what a day it was indeed! I spent a tremendous day with my wife of thirty-one years. My how the years do fly by when you're having fun! 

My wife and I went to Portsmouth for the day. I bought her another bottle of her favorite perfume, Lady Caron. We ate lunch at this little cafe that had incredible vegan doughnuts. After checking out the waterfront, we headed back to the ranch with a fruit pie and some doughnuts for an evening of watching TV. Believe it or not, after a certain amount of years with someone, it's the little things that matter the most. I suppose that's how you know you've found your soul mate, when you don't have to do anything in particular and you still enjoy the company of one another. I couldn't imagine walking through life with any other than my dear wife. Ga-ga best describes how I feel about my darling.  

This is my seventeenth blog post. You might suppose I would run out of things to say, but not yet. Dawn hasn't quite arrived. The crescent moon is still smiling at me. Iced Earth's song, Dead Babies, from my mix, Metal Storm, screams in my ear. A cloud of smoke surrounds me. The dissonant sounds of Judas Priest's Cyberface begins. I feel the clench of my friend, Darkness. This time of day is so quiet. Many, maybe most, would find that unnerving, but not me. 

The weekend is almost upon me. My friends will soon be storming into town for another gaming extravaganza. Gaming has a way of rejuvenating me and recharging my creative batteries. Let the pigeons of my mind loose! 

September is going to be a busy one for me. I have lots of irons in the fires of creativity. Is it truly a curse to live in interesting times? I guess I'll discover the veracity of that old Chinese proverb soon enough. 

Many believe writing and editing to be the hard work. Not true. At least that's not my experience. For me, the difficulty is within the formatting and marketing. Those two necessary tasks are so tedious and time-consuming. 

The first book of my first trilogy, The Shade's Tale, Parts I - III, written nearly two years ago, is finally ready to be sent to market. It is a monster of a story. I have my fingers crossed that it will be well-received. One never knows. The market can be so fickle and finicky. All an author can do is write from the heart and hope for the best. 

I guess that's all that's fit for print at the moment. Time to get my nose back to the proverbial grindstone. Until we meet again, may you have lots of time to bask in the pale light of the moon, avoiding the sun's inclination to burn the flesh from your weary bones.