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A Rude Awakening
A Short Story
Written by P.M.Carron

Clott cannot get one night out of his head. That was the night his home was invaded by a band of savage monsters. Years later, he is still traumatized by the life-altering event which keeps churning over and over in his head. Why can't he move on with his life and live and forget as his wife has done?

One night everything comes to a head, and Clott is left with no choice but to face the demons that haunt him. Can the man who has been such a faithful servant of The Cosmos put the home invasion in perspective and continue maintaining the purity and sanctity of his natural surroundings or will that fateful event be the end of him?


Within the span of 8, 700 words you have a front row seat within the mind of a man of the cloth who must face what ultimately could drive him into a state of madness from where there is no return. A must read that will have you on the edge of your seat, rooting for Clott as he goes through his trials and tribulations. This story sets the stage for the epic tale, Dances Of Deliverance, a struggle of colossal proportions that puts the very existence of mankind at risk. This is a wild ride you won't regret taking to a place within the realms of fantasy from where you won't want to return.

Dances of Deliverance