Thought Train
Is Freewill A Fallacy?

Freewill is about making voluntary choices. Tied to freedom, it is a concept for which men have been willing to die from the beginning of man. A powerful idea, maybe the biggest, but is freewill deserving of the importance mankind attributes to it?

Ever since Eve convinced Adam to take a bite of the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge and evil, mankind has been saddled with original sin as punishment for this transgression. Adam and Eve made their choice, but the rest of us didn't have that same privilege. Nevertheless, all of mankind suffers from a fateful decision none of us ever made. Collectivized punishment. How does that jive with freewill?

Would we have made the same choice Adam and Eve made, or would we have made a different choice? Do the powers that rule over The Cosmos have an inherent right to punish mankind for the sins of our forebears? If so, does freewill really exist for mankind? What other choices can't we make?    

Who's On First?

What if data were more than factual information? Could data be everything we perceive within reality, rather than mere facts we use to analyze reality? Would we know the difference?

Everything we see, hear, smell, taste, and feel are products of electrical impulses that are translated into something understandable within our minds. Our very knowledge depends upon these inputs. Data and electrical impulses are inexplicably intertwined. What came first: The data or the impulses?

Watching The Trains Roll By

She's fashionably keen. She makes the scene, and she'll never break the day. But she's no drag, just watch the way she walks. With her, data says it all, and there can be nothing but elementary talk. 

No tears. No fears. No ruined years. No clocks. 

She's the Queen of Cool. She's a vixen in disguise. She's a lady who waits. Has a mind that's schooled. It never hesitates. Doesn't waste time in any plastic box. 

Thought Trains are her trade. Ideas are the bread and butter of life. The energy of their passing cuts her core like a knife. 

Data is a marvel and moves within her like a ticking bomb. She knows her time is nigh and waits for her end, a dutiful, blushing bride. Nothing can be done. She's accepted her world must subside. 

No dreams. No screams. No gloom. All there is to do is meet her impending doom.  

Data Or Illusory?

Many oneirologists wax poetically about reality being nothing more than data delivered to our consciousness as a series of electrical impulses. To these philosophically-minded explorers of the outer reaches of reality, data is real and everything else is a mere illusion. Then, are the housings for our consciousness we call bodies real or extensions of The Grand Illusion? 


Little Red Rooster

There's this little red rooster, crowin' about better days. Keeping all the chicks in the barnyard in a daze laying eggs. The dogs begin to bark. Hounds start to howl. Watch out Stray Fever, Rooster's on the prowl. 

If you see my little red rooster, please drive him home. There's no peace in the barnyard since my little red rooster's been gone. Stray Fever won't lay no eggs 'cause Rooster's on the prowl. 

The Moon came up and The Sun showed his face for a fortnight while Rooster's been away. The chicks give me no peace. The barnyard's turned upside down. Stray Fever won't be still 'til Rooster rights the wronged pecking order. 

Nothing gets done. The hands don't know which way is up. Feathers have been ruffled. Rooster needs to crow at dawn. Please come home.  

One day, Stray Fever laid an egg. The chicks fell back in line, and the hands resumed their jive. Since Rooster returned, the barnyard carried on like nothing had happened that fall. Now, we can all have a ball.  

The Crack Of Doom

Ever hear the phrase, "Such and such will be the case until The Crack of Doom?" It is something that has been spoken and written about for ages. References about the concept are usually in the context of a curse, which generally went something like, "Your soul shall be cursed to walk these grounds until The Crack of Doom!" 

I don't rightly know what anyone meant about the matter in ages past. I'm not a mind reader, nor do I possess a time machine to go back in time to ask anyone about the matter. Within The Cosmos about which I write, The Crack of Doom is a concept with teeth to enforce its will. Yes, this concept has a consciousness. Therefore, it possesses a sense of self and thus, has a will and intent to use its abilities to enforce that will. I wouldn't go so far to say it's a living force, but The Crack of Doom is as real as you and I. Many concepts within The Cosmos have this quality. At least all of the big ideas can effectuate their desires, which are usually tied to their intrinsic qualities. 

You might ask, "What are the intrinsic qualities of The Crack of Doom?" At root, its a force that is an integral part of The Grand Design of The Cosmos. It is meant to be the great, leveling force, something impartial and yet, bigger than anyone and anything. It doles out its duty to everything within The Cosmos, without political considerations. Although everything is immortal, nothing is immune from Doom. Yes, all things and beings have a sort of expiration date, a time when Doom comes a knocking and delivers its message of change and entropy. Even Death must consider when Doom may darken his threshold.  

Doom dwells within The Crack of Doom. This entity only concerns itself with maintaining the integrity of The Cosmos and nothing else. It is the last line of defense for The Cosmos, and takes this duty seriously. Doom has a natural drive to protect the eternal and infinite characteristics of The Cosmos. It waits in its homeland until something draws its attention. Doom understands the problems associated with immortality and the power that can be concentrated in the hands of a few, or even one thing or one being, over the course of eons. It stands guard over this intrinsic threat and holds itself to the same standards.

When the current Doom took this most-important post, it agreed to limit its own existence. Doom only has nine lives. Once these lives are used up, it will cease to exist as Doom and another thing will take its rightful place as Doom. The idea of Doom is more important than the specifics of what it is. No natural-born man knows how many have stood in the stead of Doom, just that the current manifestation of Doom is not the first and won't be the last.

Only a few concepts are truly eternal, and all of those are absolutely necessary for the continuity of The Cosmos. The Crack of Doom is one of those truly eternal conceptions. The Cosmos is full of mysteries and contradictions, and this area of inquiry is no different in that regard. When Doom knocks on your door, heed its call, fore nothing less than the continued existence of The Cosmos is at stake!