aRudeAwakening Web v2
A Rude Awakening
A Short Story
Written by P.M.Carron
Clott cannot get one night out of his head. That was the night his home was invaded by a band of savage monsters. Years later, he is still traumatized by the life-altering event which keeps churning over and over in his head. Why can't he move on with his life and live and forget as his wife has done?

TheThirdTour Web v3
The Third Tour
A Short Story
Written by P.M.Carron
The Night of Madness comes to Dylath-Leen, and most people leave for far-flung sanctuaries. Romin Schmutz must remain in the deserted city. As a librarian of The Boreal Library, he has been chosen for a third tour of protecting the library's priceless artifacts and tomes. Romin must batten-down the hatches and ride out the impending doom that threatens the very existences of his charges. When the crisis recedes, will anything be left of the library? More importantly, will there be anything left of the relics?

DatewithDestiny Web v3
Date with Destiny
A Short Story
Written by P.M.Carron
Bloodla Gisdain is a demonic noblewoman and general of her father's legion. She leads the only legion within The Nine Hells with female commanders. Against all odds, she must regain control of a strategically positioned hill as part of a military campaign to push the invaders from her homeland. Only Bloodla's father is rooting for her success. All of the other powers that be from The Lords of The Nine Hells to The Fates either wish for her failure or directly conspire against her, making a monumental task all the more difficult. Can Bloodla overcome the obstacles that stand in her way and prove once and for all that women can fight every bit as effectively as men, or will her hopes and dreams be shattered on a brimstone slope?


I am PM Carron, and I welcome you with open arms to the manifestation of my dark vision! Darkness says hello and waves its shadowy tendrils in your direction. You have entered into a place where there are no arbitrary barriers between fantasy, horror, and science fiction. If you're looking for fantasy stories and art that are based on tried and true formulas created in a ritualized fashion over and over since the beginning of time, you have come to the wrong place. However, if you're looking for something fresh and edgy, you have landed exactly where you need to be.

I am an author of darkly-epic, flights of fantasy. In the creation of my stories, I break down traditional barriers authors and publishers erected long ago to segregate fantasy, horror, and science fiction from one another. I use all three elements in my stories as I see fit, without apology, and I put it all out there for you to experience without interference from any self-anointed censors. I hope you enjoy this journey into the dark caverns, crevices, and fissures of my soul. My work is a true labor of love. Enjoy the trip, but beware, you may not want to leave. Dark dreams are intoxicating, and oh so emotionally and mentally addictive! 

Feel free to click the buttons and explore the surroundings of my Dark Cosmos. This cyber space has been created for all who crave fantasy without limits. As you see, read, and feel what I have plucked from the slipstreams of The Cosmik Winds and commemorated here, your mind will be stretched to places and in ways you never thought possible. Embark with gusto on this journey and never feel the need to apologize for your enthusiasm for dark art. I promise I won't tell on you. What happens in this dark place, stays in this dark place...

             ---- PM Carron