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A Novel
Written by P.M.Carron

Battle wages within the mind of the hero of this story. Will the mind of this man splinter, or will he rise above his horrible situation to command the forces pitted against the tyranny of The Gods? 

Written from the point of view of the main character, you get a front row seat into the mind of a man on the edge of madness. This wild ride is sure to be the most intimate experience you ever felt while reading a story. There is nothing like it out there within the fantasy genre. At a little over 125,000 words, there is so much to sink your teeth into. 

This is the first of ten trilogies within the epic saga, DANCES OF DELIVERANCE. Darkly Vandercoot is the first of nine heroes who will band together to fight against the dying of The Cosmik Light. The Gods have gone too far, and The Cause has risen to say, "NO MORE" to their tyranny and destruction of everything good and worthwhile. The heroes just haven't received the message their service is required in order to right the wrongs within The Cosmos. 

Warning: Reading this story will alter your expectations of fantasy. Join in on the fun and purchase your copy today!  

Dances of Deliverance

LadyLuckHasLeftTheBuilding Web v2
Lady Luck Has Left The Building
A Short Story
Written by P.M.Carron

What is a gambler to do when Lady Luck abandons him, and his get-rich-quick scheme lands him in the trunk of a flying hovercraft? Those two questions are Buddy's biggest concerns. The answers will determine whether Buddy survives, or is beaten to a bloody pulp by the casino's enforcers and left to die in a shallow grave on the outskirts of town. This time, Buddy's greed and lust have created quite the conundrum for him. Can he crawl out from under this predicament?

A touch over 49,500 words, this is my longest, grittiest, and darkest story yet. Technology and magic collide in this tale that includes generous helpings of gambling, sex, violence, explosions, cyborgs, aliens, ray guns, hackers, computers, robots, hookers, gangsters, gods, and reality-twisting magic; all dancing around a plan to rob the casinos of Pretoria. Written from Buddy's perspective, you follow him through his memory of what led to him being trapped in the trunk of a vehicle owned by an Establishment Boss. You get an inside view of a gambler born on the wrong side of the tracks, looking to make The Big Score!

This is the last shorter flight of fantasy before the release of Book One of "The Shade's Tale, Parts I - III," a novel-length story blasting-off the epic saga, Dances Of Deliverance, the tale that pits mortals against gods in a conflict that threatens the fabric of reality. "Lady Luck Has Left The Building" is a story you won't want to miss. Not only does it deliver an adrenaline-rush of action from beginning to end, it holds a special place in my heart as my best tale to date. If you give it a read, the story is certain to become one of your favorites as well. Buy it today, let the adventure begin, and find out whether Buddy survives!

Dances of Deliverance

DatewithDestiny Web v3
Date with Destiny
A Short Story
Written by P.M.Carron

Bloodla Gisdain is a demonic noblewoman and general of her father's legion. She leads the only legion within The Nine Hells with female commanders. Against all odds, she must regain control of a strategically positioned hill as part of a military campaign to push the invaders from her homeland. Only Bloodla's father is rooting for her success. All of the other powers that be from The Lords of The Nine Hells to The Fates either wish for her failure or directly conspire against her, making a monumental task all the more difficult. Can Bloodla overcome the obstacles that stand in her way and prove once and for all that women can fight every bit as effectively as men, or will her hopes and dreams be shattered on a brimstone slope?

Much is at stake for Boodla Gisdain. Written in the first-person, you witness the choices for better or for worse this Madame Commander must make in the process of overcoming the obstacles unique to being a woman in a male-dominated occupation. The military has traditionally been a profession for men, especially within The Nine Hells. Bloodla is a strong-willed woman who feels that women can be just as good at soldiering as their male counterparts, maybe even better because women have intuition and insights that men do not possess. Will the feminist reforms for which she fights be destroyed on this hillside, or will Bloodla prove her worth to the benefit of women kind?

Bloodla has a date with destiny that culminates on a steep battlefield in Hell. Much rides on her composure in the face of adversity for herself and all women who have aspirations to be soldiers and battle for things they hold dear, just as men have done since the dawn of Time. Can this Madame Commander find it within herself to overcome all that opposes her?

Swords, sorcery, and technology all come into play as you witness this drama unfold. A little over 18, 800 words, this story is more than double the length of "A Rude Awakening," and a ride with which to reckon. It is the very next step in setting the table for the epic tale, Dances Of Deliverance, a struggle of epic proportion that brings into question the very existence of mankind. You won't want to miss out on this multi-layered story. "Date With Destiny" is a tale you won't regret taking the time to read because the energy of it is heart-pounding and deliciously exhilarating!

Dances of Deliverance