About PM Carron

P.M Carron
As of yet, it hasn't gotten weird enough for me, but I know that someday, it will.

A native Vermonter and born in 1965, was raised in Burlington, Vermont along the shores of Lake Champlain and surrounded by the Adirondack and Green Mountains. A little more than twenty years ago I moved with my wife and daughter to Concord, New Hampshire, where I still live. Over the last three decades, before embarking on a writing career, I owned and ran a hobby shop, The Hobby Stop, with my wife and partner, was an accountant, and eventually became an attorney.

My wife has told me on more than one occasion that fantasy is my first love with which she constantly competes for my time and energy. From the age of twelve, fantasy has held a special place in my heart. That was when my younger sister gave me a magical box. Inside I discovered a whole new world that opened my eyes to a reality I had never considered until I received that wondrous gift.

Over the span of four decades, I took my idea of fantasy to places even my closest friends didn't always quite understand. I developed a unique, dark, fantastical setting intertwined with elements of science fiction and horror. It became the backdrop for Dances Of Deliverance, an epic struggle dramatized within the framework of one-hundred fifty stories, of which several have been completed along with the first trilogy.

Dances Of Deliverance is set within a universe called The Cosmos. Ten novel-length trilogies will be the backbone for the epic tale. One-hundred twenty short and mid-length stories will thread around and add depth to the main body of the saga. The shorter works can be enjoyed as standalone flights of fantasy, but are meant to be read in conjunction with the trilogies.

All of my stories are written in the first person perspective. This makes for an intimate reading experience. The reader is right inside the psyches of the main characters. I have been told this experience is like none other and has an immersive quality to it. If my stories were compared to music, my flights of fantasy might be described as heavy doses of metal with healthy helpings of psychedelic imagery and a kaleidoscope of ideas thrown in for good measure.

The Cosmos that I write about is a dark place full of lots of beasts that go bump in the night. The heroes are gritty and most likely not what you would expect of the heroic. You won't have to be told the villains are bad apples and rotten to the core. That comes through loud and clear. I have been told my stories build to a crescendo of rabid excitement. All I have to say about that is, "Hold onto your hats and enjoy the ride!"

My primary goal is to have created worlds, characters, and situations that come alive in your imaginations and appear as real to you as your hometowns, families, and friends. In fact, it is my aspiration for you to see the places and people that you read about within my stories as areas you would like to visit and folks you would like to meet, if reality were to bend enough to allow fantasy to touch down upon our tangible existence. In conclusion, I hope the readers of my flights of fantasy enjoy my stories as much as I basked in the delight of writing them.