My Fantasy Blog

It's Alive!

It's alive! This website has finally come to life in the way I envisioned a little more than a year ago. What a long, strange  trip it's been!

Although Darkness is a concept, it is an idea I view in a very personal way. Writers would call that personification. I recognize Darkness for what it is, in all its glory, as more than a person, but as a sentient something that holds The Truths of The Cosmos. Indeed, these are interesting times. Living in interesting times is not a curse, I promise you that! 

The puzzle pieces of my plan to bring my dark art into The Light is beginning to take shape. This website is the nexus between my Amazon Author Page, my Twitter Profile Page and feed, and now, my Patreon Creator Page. Ain't technology a beautiful thing to behold! 

Great big, dark hugs go out to my son-in-law, my family, my friends, my three editors, and all of my followers for their kind and generous support of this labor of love of mine! I couldn't have come this far in such a short period of time without all of their love, encouragement, hard work, and kinship. There is no time for me to rest on my laurels. 

There is much more work that needs to be accomplished and only so much night for it to be done. Like a vampyre, I sleep the day through, except when duty calls. Unfortunately, I must have a day job to pay the bills, but I limit the time I must be exposed to The Light to as little as possible. Dark shades and black clothes do much to protect from the sun's terrible rays. One day, my day job won't be necessary, and I will be able to exist exclusively from dusk to dawn. Dare to dream! 

Ta-ta, for now. Responsibility calls out to me, and I must answer the call. Think dark thoughts and good things will fall at your feet!

Full Speed Ahead!

Last night Patreon approved my Creator Account. With my new-improved website just about ready to go live, it is full-speed ahead with my vision of making my dark, fantasy ideas accessible for consumption by my fans and all interested artists. It has been a long and winding road. I love it when a plan comes together. 

There is no doubt this project of mine will soar to heights I could only dream about six months ago. My Twitter platform grows every day, my Amazon Author Page has been a huge success, and now, I have started to build a Patreon platform. Not bad for a guy who began this trek at the age of twelve with the gift from my sister of a magic box of endless possibilities. My goal of integrating my content on the internet is quickly coming to fruition. What next?

So many possibilities with which to play, and only so much time to discover and hone them. One step at a time, is what I must constantly remind myself. I can't run until I learn to walk. Technology offers so many opportunities. In that regard, I feel like a kid in a candy store, unsure of what to grab first. There is so much for this Ludite to learn. I've only touched the tip of the iceberg. I will get there, and my first love, Fantasy, will be the benefactor. My chosen art form will be better off for all of this expended effort. No doubt about that! 

Well, I must get back to the grindstone. Dawn is rearing her head, and as a better poet than me once said, "I have so many miles to go before I sleep." Until we meet again, may fantasy ideas crash upon the shores of your mind with pleasant enthusiasm!   

Back In Black!

Another night and another entry. Tonight wasn't as productive as the last two, but still, a couple pages of my latest story sprang to life. Formatting for electronic publication is a tedious and thankless task. More of that got done as well. Time for a stogie break to clear my head. I'll be right back, hopefully with something more inspiring to write about. 

I'm back in black, and with a vengeance! Got loose from the noose of ennui. I love the night life and have cat's eyes. Nothing's gonna get me down because I'm glad to be back. Anyone who knows me from my pictures within my various Twitter posts is well-aware I wear every shade of black, and do love my musical references. 

Any of you out there who aspire to be indie authors should have strategies ready for breaking the cycle of tedium which is part and parcel of being an indie writer. I constantly shift gears to keep my creative juices flowing. For me, that seems to do the trick for getting me through the routine and monotony of certain necessary tasks. Every job has its downsides. Nothing different about being an author in that regard. Cigars, soda, and heavy driving music are also a big help. Everyone has to have their vices. I embrace mine without apology.  

Now, don't get me wrong. Writing does have its upsides. Regarding creative expression, there is nothing like the arts. Writing and role playing games are my art forms, and I love them both. As for which I love best? That's a chicken and egg problem because both are intertwined, and one leads to the other. One can't run a role playing game without a modicum of writing, and one can't write without a certain amount of role playing. I would pay to do either. I am lucky to get paid for my stories. Most people don't get paid to do what they love, but my life has always been a far cry from the norm. 

I guess that's all I have for the moment, so I'll bid you a cheery so long, and may you be inspired to create something novel in the interim.